Głowy ruchome - Beam

  1. INFINITY iB-715 RGBW Beam

    The Infinity iB-715 offers unlimited freedom by its continuous rotating on both pan and tilt movement. It offers an enormous light output due to the Osram ... więcej >>

    kod: 41540

    Cena brutto: 5040.00 zł
  2. INFINITY iB-2R 2R Beam, incl. Osram lamp

    Razor-sharp beams, vivid colors, fast movements, professional functions, these are the key features of the Infinity® iB-2R. The iB-2R is equipped with an ... więcej >>

    kod: 41531

    Cena brutto: 7023.00 zł
  3. INFINITY iB-5R 5R Beam, incl. Osram lamp

    Fully packed with features for the most demanding beam-effect user the iB-5R offers you all functions you require. The Infinity iB-5R has fast movements ... więcej >>

    kod: 41530

    Cena brutto: 9079.00 zł
  4. INFINITY iB-16R 16R Beam, incl. Osram lamp

    The iB-16R is a truly versatile moving head offering a beam, spot and wash effect in one.This in combination with the powerful Osram Sirius 330... więcej >>

    kod: 41532

    Cena brutto: 14862.00 zł

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